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03 July 2015

Petition to: oppose any plan to remove from Green Belt any part of the DERA site at Chobham Common and to communicate this opposition to Runnymede Borough Council and the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government.

This petition is now closed, as its deadline has passed.

We the undersigned petition Surrey Heath Borough Council to oppose any plan to remove from Green Belt any part of the DERA site at Chobham Common and to communicate this opposition to Runnymede Borough Council and the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government. More details

Petition update from the council, 16 December 2013

In accordance with the Council's petition scheme, the Portfolio Holder for Regulatory has submitted the following response to this petition:

"SHBC has previously expressed concerns about this matter to Runnymede BC and these were set out in the recent report to RBC by its officers. At the present time SHBC understands that RBC are intending to submit the Local Plan to the Secretary of State in January 2014 and as such there is now no further opportunity to comment on this matter. SHBC’s previous comments will be forwarded to the Secretary of State as part of the above process and it will be for the Planning Inspectorate to decide whether they wish to hear further from the SHBC on this matter.

The DERA development Public Exhibition did not include any land within the Borough of Surrey Heath as part of their current proposals."

More details from petition creator

Chobham Common is a valuable and sensitive area of lowland heath, one of the last left in England, and of international, national and local importance. It is a National Nature Reserve, SSSI, Special Protection Area, Site of Nature Conservation Importance. There are public rights to walk and ride which are enjoyed by many Surrey Heath residents.

Being within the Green Belt does not stop all development, it does mean that it has to be 'appropriate' though. Runnymede Borough Council is planning to remove the 310 acre DERA site at Chobham Common from Green Belt. This is not required to meet their new housing targets.

The Green Belt protects our vital open spaces from being over-developed and preserves rare wildlife and habitats for future generations to enjoy. Please don't let them take the'Heath' out of 'Surrey Heath'. Tell RBC and the Secretary of State that we want to lose 'Not One Square Inch' of our GreenBelt on Chobham Common.

Current signatories

Sue Helliwell, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Richard Wilson
  • Andrew Telford
  • Victor Lobley
  • Matt Helliwell
  • Eric Leon
  • Patricia Leon
  • Laird G Davison
  • Keith Finlay
  • Pat Gaffey
  • Richard McKenzie
  • Graham Bullen
  • Samantha Wilkinson
  • Sarah Stocks-Wilson
  • Michael Sheard
  • Richard Hardman
  • V Tedder
  • Anthony Buss
  • Paul Murphy
  • Barry Taylor
  • shelley harrington
  • Paul Hurford
  • Sue Belsey
  • Terry Lawrence
  • s newington
  • Brian Porter
  • John Lewis
  • Martin Wilson
  • james letley
  • Helen Hansen-Hjul
  • paul conlan
  • Stuart Cole
  • Suzanne Hadwen
  • Yvonne Pini
  • Angela Turner
  • Angela Richards
  • Robert Hurt
  • Karen Hurt
  • Chris Williams
  • Jonathan Stonehouse
  • lindsay hoyle
  • R & C Dickinson
  • Linda Shell
  • Robert Shell
  • R Dodson
  • Laura Shell
  • Alex Diverall
  • Tracey Warrener
  • Tim Smith
  • Sylvia Alwareeth
  • Michael Shell
  • David Brown
  • Andy Woodward
  • Mark Jones
  • Tanja Clark
  • Tony Shell
  • Phil Carter
  • Stuart Overhill
  • Daniel Rees
  • Liliana Rees
  • Todd Derbyshire
  • Paula Brady
  • peter trow
  • Nigel Eastment
  • Paula Higgs
  • Peter Hess
  • Sam Hess
  • Anthony L. Ladden
  • Tomas Perez-Durias
  • Keith Matthews
  • Ingrid Shears
  • gilbert elliot
  • Neil Franklin
  • Carina Franklin
  • Jane Silcock
  • Deborah Baffer
  • Ray Gillon
  • Gary Evans
  • Heidi Tworek
  • Mrs Jan Scott
  • Debra Empson
  • Patrick Martensson
  • Rebecca Ostrowska
  • Jeremy Owen
  • Heather Anderson
  • Sophie Dhenin
  • Nils Martensson
  • Wendy bartlett
  • Helen Ball
  • Mark Froggatt
  • Peter Bell
  • Anne-Marie Salisbury
  • Antony Prentice
  • Hannah Carmichael
  • Michael Scott
  • Ingrid Newbould
  • emharris
  • Mike Waldron
  • Hannah Lane
  • Daniel H T
  • Louise Martin
  • Rosemary Bentley
  • jane snell
  • Sue Waldron
  • Sandy Stephens
  • Graham Mitson
  • Annie Wade
  • David Crawford
  • Christopher Kates
  • Peter Lee
  • Alexandra Saunders
  • Andy Smith
  • Victor Ho
  • Shaun Whiteley
  • Clare Occomore
  • Elaine Brindley
  • John Fahy
  • Tim Harrold
  • John Saffrette
  • Ian MacDonald
  • Michael lamb
  • vikki Ames
  • Sarah Dancey
  • D Clarke
  • Nicholas Young
  • Ian Musgrove
  • jonathan essex
  • E Sargeant
  • Peter Barnett
  • Peta Howell
  • moira mckeown
  • Donna Wallace
  • George Cox
  • mark servaes
  • Julia Shaw
  • Janet Williams
  • joyce barnett
  • Harry Eve
  • Helena Windsor
  • Daniel Jenkins

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