Petition to: replace the shelter on Heatherside Recreation Ground

This petition is now closed, as its deadline has passed.

We the undersigned petition Surrey Heath Borough Council to replace the shelter on Heatherside Recreation Ground. More details

More details from petition creator

The shelter on Heatherside Recreation Ground was removed by SHBC due to it having collapsed because of vandalism. This has deprived the Heatherside community of a valuable asset. The residents of Heatherside demand that the shelter be replaced without delay. We also demand that the new structure be of sufficiently robust construction to prevent any recurrence.

Current signatories

Graham Tapper, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Sue Helliwell
  • Clive Parfitt
  • Max Parfitt
  • Brenda Emmerson
  • Mairi Connell
  • Barbara Parfitt
  • jenny pink
  • Adrian Clark
  • Edward Smith
  • Ursula Smith
  • M.Clayton
  • Jon McClelland
  • Val Evans
  • Jane Howell
  • M.Latham
  • Tamara Sykes
  • Beverley
  • Karen Payne
  • Maria Key-Nagy
  • Charlie Williams
  • Claire Huelin
  • Andy Harris
  • Michael Stephenson
  • Karen Leonard
  • Yvette Laister
  • Tim Hughes
  • Jenny James
  • Louise Nicholas
  • Ian James
  • katie ward
  • Goska Aylett
  • Neaves
  • Nigel Jones-Morris
  • Lisa rudall
  • Claire lacey
  • doreen costar
  • Andy ward
  • Sarah Ward
  • Russell Gill
  • Dan