Petition to: improve the parking facility at New England Hill, Red Road, West End

This petition is now closed, as its deadline has passed.

We the undersigned petition Surrey Heath Borough Council to improve the parking facility at New England Hill, Red Road, West End. More details

Petition update 3 from the council, 08 January 2014

The petitioner has requested that the Council's response be reviewed by one of its scrutiny committees. This request is being arranged and further information will be provided in due course.

Petition update 2 from the council, 07 January 2014

Having considered the petition and then heard the views of local residents at New England, ward members, Surrey County Council and Surrey Wildlife Trust the Council considers that improvements to the existing car park off Red Road Roundabout is a preferable solution to improving general access to Brentmoor Heath. There are concerns regarding encouraging increased use of the trackway from Red Road which should predominantly serve as residents’ access. The Council considers that works to the car park will meet the overall objective of the petition of improving access.

Petition update 1 from the council, 14 May 2013

In accordance with the Council's scheme the petition will be considered by the Portfolio Holder for Business. A response will be sent to the lead petitioner shortly, which will be displayed on this webpage.

More details from petition creator

Parking is limited to about 5 cars currently - adjacent to the trackway off Red Road to the dwellings at New England Hill.

Visitor volumes have increased 2 or 3 fold over the past 2 years; at 'peak' times the parking is all taken with the consequence that the trackway to the dwellings on New England Hill gets abused with cars parked on the verges, despite signage forbidding access.

If the trees growing in the current parking area were removed (silver birch & pine), this could provide at least 5 or 6 more bays - and prevent the invasion of the residents space.

We believe this would not cause higher visitor volumes - just redistribute the current traffic. Trees of these species are continually being felled in the vicinity, so this is merely an extension of the management process.

SHBC and SWT promote New England & Brentmoor Common, addressing this issue would help this as well as respect the Residents privacy.

Current signatories

Mr Laird Davison, the petition creator, joined by:

  • alan banks
  • Chris McCaig
  • Laura Davison
  • Phillip Law
  • Christine Bodman
  • Peter Dinnes
  • Sue Helliwell
  • Gary Crossley
  • Adam Davison
  • Ella Davison
  • Lily Davison
  • Harry Shearman
  • Raymond J Banks
  • Laurence Clifford
  • Nigel Hopkins
  • Martin Watmough
  • Jonathan Bowers
  • Andy Morgan
  • David Markovitch
  • Keith Orgill
  • John Davison
  • Mary Bunn
  • David Long
  • Kevin Nicks
  • Richard Somerville
  • Aaron Sanders
  • kerry Goodwin
  • Wendy Hone
  • N R Eaton
  • Jean Sanderson
  • Steve Jennings
  • Stuart MacLeod, CC
  • Debbie Dart
  • Thea Phillips
  • Helen Wilcock
  • Gavin Davison
  • Hayden Davison
  • Brenda Metcalfe
  • Jacky baitson
  • E-J LaRoche
  • Andy Boorman
  • Frank Cox
  • Fanial zeresenai
  • John Dillon
  • Jane Abel
  • tom fitter
  • Julie Allam
  • Hugh Allam
  • Veronica Green
  • Sue Edwards
  • Andy Gill
  • Nicola Allsop
  • d. moffatt
  • Heather Wood
  • Meg Parks
  • lorraine gordon
  • paul marsh
  • Krysia Marsh
  • Susan Evans
  • Peter Milnes
  • Susan Milnes
  • Dim Sodds
  • Barry Johnson
  • Stanley SPENCE
  • Jane Hawken
  • Cynthia Willis
  • Robert Hawken
  • G.J.Thornton
  • Mary Alder
  • Fiona Irish
  • Sharon Heater
  • Mark Heater
  • Andre Dugas
  • Lisa russell
  • Paul Dickinson
  • Sharon sharp
  • Terry Ede
  • Penny Ede
  • Nicole Patman
  • Lee Patman
  • Sandra Kitching
  • Sue Price
  • Nicola freeman
  • Sam Monaghan
  • Diane Matthews
  • Kim Bradley-Cole
  • Melanie Kelly
  • Jeremy Alford
  • Melanie Beale
  • Helen Dixon
  • Susan Eaver
  • Chris Williams
  • Stewart Roberts
  • Sam Monaghan
  • Janice Matharu
  • Ben Matharu
  • Anne Wilson
  • Sam Morrell-Brown
  • Richard Wilson
  • Jacques Olmo
  • Omar Shasha'a
  • Vic Patterson
  • Mary Patterson
  • Jacqui Imrie-Cook
  • Jacqueline Gosling
  • Sue Boulcott
  • Gill Pasley
  • Stella Pasley
  • Gordon Pasley
  • Jane Purcell
  • Richard Sutton
  • Catherine Sutton
  • Andrew Telford
  • Mike Nel
  • Nicholas Lawson
  • S Wynter Bee
  • Peter Wynter Bee
  • Brian Gregory
  • Karen Page
  • Rowena Evans
  • Nigel Fisher
  • David May
  • Carolyn Legg
  • Jo Janelid
  • Fred Janelid
  • s.haggerstone