Petition to: complete the work on Wellingtonia Avenue, Heatherside

We the undersigned petition Surrey Heath Borough Council to complete the work on Wellingtonia Avenue, Heatherside. More details

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We commend the Council for the work that it has done in restoring the section of Wellingtonia Avenue, Heatherside, between Cumberland Road and Inglewood Avenue. However, we are dismayed that the Council has abandoned, half started, the section north of Inglewood Avenue. The Council promised that this section would be similarly restored. Instead it lies neglected, overgrown and unsecured against illegal occupation. We demand that the Council honours its commitment and completes the work it started.

Current signatories

Graham Tapper, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Simon Harbour
  • Kirsten Jackman
  • Michael Kelly
  • Fiona Williamson
  • Stephanie
  • Peter Ludlow
  • Lesley Kermath-dunipace
  • David Kermath
  • Maureen Kermath
  • Clive parsons smith
  • Laura Anderson
  • Claire Williams
  • Vivienne Cadwell
  • David Ivison
  • Karen Payne
  • Kirsty Payne
  • Helen Morgan
  • Len Williams
  • Ann Wood
  • Alison Mills
  • Jonathan Parry