Petition to: make provision for affordable care accomodation (both rented & part buy) within the ward boundaries of Chobham.

This petition is now closed, as its deadline has passed.

We the undersigned petition Surrey Heath Borough Council to make provision for affordable care accomodation (both rented & part buy) within the ward boundaries of Chobham.

Petition update from the council, 01 May 2014

In accordance with the Council's petition scheme, the Portfolio Holder for Regulatory has submitted the following response to this petition:

"The Council endeavours to ensure that sufficient accommodation to meet housing need is provided for all sections of the community. It is recognised that the Borough has an ageing population and the housing need of this section of the local community is growing. The current housing waiting list does not indicate any particular demand in Chobham. It is understood that local elderly residents are unwilling to register as they fear being moved out of the village but this makes it difficult to assess need.

The work currently being undertaken by the Council and by registered providers such as Accent Peerless seeks to identify the housing needs of the elderly and how this can be met. This need will be reflected in the types of housing delivered in future both in larger schemes such as the development at Deepcut and small local schemes across the Borough. The elderly population of the Borough has shown a preference to remain in their own homes until such time as they require care. In addition a more local assessment could be carried out by the parish council as part of its work on the neighbourhood plan for Chobham.

Care accommodation as referred to in the petition is a specialised form of provision which is provided for both by the housing market and, for those who cannot afford such private schemes, by Surrey County Council who are responsible for this rather than the Borough Council. Where the current work on housing need or the emerging Neighbourhood Plan for Chobham shows a requirement for increased care provision by Surrey County Council, this will be discussed with them as part of ongoing work on housing provision."

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