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We the undersigned petition to… Submitted by Deadline to sign by Signatures
not promote or support housing development at Fairoaks but to retain it in the Greenbelt (with responses)Darren Rees24 June 20175336
Save Watchmoor Nature Reserve (with response)Kel Finan-Cooke11 March 20211290
Commit to the provide the requested funding of the Basingstoke Canal (with responses)Kevin Daley16 June 2011788
The Deepcut Liaison Group would like SHBC to commission an independent full traffic study into the impact of the development of the Princess Royal Barracks in Deepcut (with responses)Angela Mitchell 1 August 2011760
We the undersigned residents of St Michaels and Watchetts Wards formally request that Surrey Heath Council urgently create a community centre for residents living in the west side of Camberley. We deplore the Council's failure to provide any form of building for community based activities here (with responses)Murray Rowlands10 August 2011750
Challenge the decision of the PINS to allow premature release of reserve land (with response)Mrs Diane Doney20 January 2016627
Invest in Effective Security at Old Dean Recreation Ground (with responses)Trefor Hogg 9 October 2020521
Improve the childrens play area at the Wimbledon Road recreation ground on the Old Dean Estate. (with response)Miss Tara gibbons 3 April 2016495
Reverse their decision to increase parking charges in Camberley. (with response)Ian MacDonald11 August 2013473
improve the security of Heatherside Recreation Ground to prevent repeated vehicular invasionsGraham Tapper16 July 2015427
make provision for affordable care accomodation (both rented & part buy) within the ward boundaries of Chobham. (with response)Cllr Judi Trow16 April 2014242
find alternative accomodation for the exercise classes held at the Arena.Ann Hutchins26 March 2019231
To offer a 30 minute and 1 hour payment option in Main Square car park, Camberley.Ian MacDonald19 May 2015187
stop the unauthorised expansion of an industrial site in rural DeepcutMr Peter Barnett21 February 2016153
oppose any plan to remove from Green Belt any part of the DERA site at Chobham Common and to communicate this opposition to Runnymede Borough Council and the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government. (with response)Sue Helliwell22 November 2013143
improve the parking facility at New England Hill, Red Road, West End (with responses)Mr Laird Davison13 May 2013128
request that the recent excessive payrise (so called special allowance) accorded to the CEO is rescinded in full and in future all proposed pay awards should receive full scrutiny by all elected councillors. (with response)Emil JANSON15 October 2019124
Help Resolve Dog Mess Problem and Clean Up Alleyway Between Bagshot School (School Lane) and Connaught School (Manor Way)Maria Glendinnig29 April 2011108
build a skatepark at lightwater country park to replace the outdated wall and to keep teenagers out of the way of the public who constantly wrote complaints on local Facebook pages about antisocial behaviourSamuel Attard 8 December 2017106
consider Mr Md Abdul Malik's - Imaam of the London Road Mosque- application for residential accomodation in Camberley as a priorityDr M Ahmad 2 March 201148
replace the shelter on Heatherside Recreation GroundGraham Tapper20 September 201441
complete the work on Wellingtonia Avenue, Heatherside (with response)Graham Tapper26 September 201822

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